Building Permit Forms

    Below are the building and trade related application forms. Included in this form list are also the covenants for certain neighborhoods within the City of Van Meter as well as the City’s Tax Abatement Application. All new construction and remodel projects may qualify for tax abatement if the project increases the assessed value of the property by a minimum of 15% and the project is located within the City's Urban Revitalization Area or a plat eligible for tax abatement. Additional information about the City’s tax abatement program can be viewed in the City’s Urban Revitalization Plan found here. All inspections are performed by Veenstra & Kimm - 515-850-2980. Applications can be submitted to City Hall at 

    ***All construction traffic MUST enter the Hudson Heights Development from the construction entrance off of Hazel Street. NO construction traffic is allowed on Arlington Avenue or Lakeview Drive.***


    Title File

    Building Permit Application

    A building permit application is required for ANY new construction, remodel, or property addition within the Van Meter city limits. Veenstra & Kimm determines fees, and City Hall will contact you with the fee amount once the permit has been approved. Once a building permit has been turned into City Hall, the homeowner is responsible for ALL permitting fees, EVEN if the build doesn’t happen. Building permits are good for one year, and the work authorized must begin within 180 days of the permit approval. Inspections ARE REQUIRED, and the list of REQUIRED inspections can be found on page two of the building permit application.



    Trade Permit

    A trade permit application is required for ANY mechanical, plumbing, or electrical work for new construction and home remodels. Costs are $85.00 per trade permit, and Payment must be submitted with completed trade permit applications before permit applications will be sent to our building inspectors, Veenstra & Kimm (effective April 10, 2023). All trade work (HVAC, plumbing, electrical, etc.) It MUST be inspected after work is completed. Additional permits may be required with some trade permit requests. If your building permit was submitted to Safe Building between January 1, 2022 and April 10, 2023, please contact or Safe Building at 515-333-4161 for the appropriate trade permit application. 


    Required Building Inspections PDF

    Tax Abatement Application

    Please check with city staff to determine if you are eligible to apply.

    The rehabilitation of and additions to existing residential facilities are also eligible for tax exemption provided the improvements increase the property’s valuation by 15% or more.              

    Neighborhood Convenants  
    Whispering Pines Covenants PDF
    Crestview Covenants PDF
    Hickory Lodge Covenants - Plat 5 PDF
    Hudson Heights Convenants - Plat 1 PDF
    Grand Ridge Estates Convenants - Plat 1 PDF 
    Trindle Ridge Covenants - Plat 1 PDF 

    Board of Adjustment Appeal

    Any Board of Adjustment meeting request must be submitted in writing with a completed BOA Request form. The completed form and any supporting documentation must be returned to City Hall. The completed application will be presented to the Board of Adjustment committee and, if applicable, to the City Council.