Garbage & Recycling Info

    Recycling Program

    Each resident is provided a 96 gallon cart for weekly trash collection, and a 96 gallon cart for biweekly recycling (every two weeks).

    Elderly and disabled residents that have difficulties getting their trash to the curb can contact City Hall for special provisions for pickup at a designated location at no additional charge. Proof of disability or a doctors request MAY be required.

    2024 Recycling Calendar 

    These items may be placed in the curbside recycle cart:

    • Newspapers 
    • Magazines
    • Glass food and beverage containers
    • Tin/aluminum containers
    • All plastics
    • Brown paper sacks
    • Phone books
    • Cardboard boxes folded flat

    The items that CANNOT be picked up in the recycling bins are:

    • Latex paint
    • Plastic bags
    • Boxes contaminated with food
    • Hazardous materials or containers that once held hazardous materials

    Extra Bags

    One extra 30 gallon bag per resident will be accepted each week. Any additional bags will require a Waste Connections sticker – available for purchase at City Hall for $1 per sticker.

    Bulk Waste

    Bulk waste items are those items utilized in a normal household setting that is other than normal household trash. These items are generally too large either by weight or volume to fit in a normal trash container i.e. furniture, mattress and springs, small boxed do-it-yourself remodeling projects weighing no more than 50lbs. Carpet and construction debris must be cut and tied in 4ft sections not to exceed 50lbs in weight. Bulk waste stickers are available for purchase at City Hall for $5 per sticker.

    Those waste items will be collected with a different type of truck and will be collected at a different time of day than your normal trash.

    Bulk Waste stickers do not work for appliances. If you have an applicance that you need to have picked up, please contact Waste Solutions at  (844) 708-7274 or visit their website at Waste Connections - Bulk Item Pick Up.


    South Central Iowa Landfill – 2496 State Highway 92, Winterset – (515) 462-3083: or visit their website at

    Services Offered:

    Appliances: You may take appliances (stoves, refrigerators, microwaves, washers, clothes dryers, dishwashers, furnaces, air-conditioners, water heaters, dehumidifiers, fluorescent fixtures) to the landfill for a fee of $8.00 each. Tires will be accepted for: $2.50 car (15" or less); $7.50 pickup-truck; $15.00 tractor. Tire disposal service is only for households not businesses. Brush per load will be accepted from individuals at a fee of $3.00 per load. Not accepted are batteries, chemicals, or liquids.

    Oil and Batteries: Businesses that sell oil have to accept used oil or provide a listing of disposal sites – this is also true for lead acid batteries.

    Household Hazardous Waste: 

    By appointment the landfill will accept the following:

    • stain and varnish;
    • paint remover and thinner;
    • gasoline and kerosene;
    • window washer solution;
    • aerosol cleaners;
    • drain and oven cleaners;
    • metal polish and rust removers;
    • wallpaper remover;
    • roofing tar;
    • petroleum-based adhesives;
    • glues, caulk, contact cement and resins;
    • fertilizers, pesticides, and weed killers;
    • rat, mouse and gopher poison;
    • swimming pool chemicals;
    • rechargeable batteries.

    Questions and Answers:

    Q. When is spring clean up day??

    A. We no longer sponsor one designated clean up day. The solid waste hauler, Waste Connections, will pick up any bulk item on any Monday with the purchase of a bulk waste sticker (this includes a couch, chair, mattress, etc). For disposal of items that cannot go in the regular garbage pickup or in the recycling bin, see the information listed above. Tires, hazardous waste, and appliances can be taken to the landfill.

    Q. How can I get rid of partially used cans of paint??

    A. First – see if you can offer the paint to someone else to use since recycling is best. But if you end up with odds and ends of paint, here is an option – if it is latex paint – just take the lid off and let the paint dry out. When you can no longer see any liquid in the can, then the dried paint may be picked up with the household garbage. For oil-based paint – call the South Central Iowa Landfill at (515) 462-3083 for an appointment and take the paint to them..

    Q. What if my trash wasn't picked up – or they left the trash can in the driveway??

    A. We receive exceptional service from Waste Connections, our contract solid waste hauler. However, mistakes do happen. If you have a service issues, please call Waste Connections – (515) 265-7374 to report your missed collection to dispatch.

    Q. What about yard waste??

    A. The city still allows burning of yard waste ONLY – however, do NOT burn on pavement, sidewalks, or in the culverts! Waste Connections does offer yard waste collection in Van Meter. Additional information can be found on their website or by contacting Waste Connections.

    The most frequently asked question-

    Q. How do I dispose of appliances??

    A. Waste Connections will pick up appliances for a fee; to receive a quote and schedule, call them direct at (515) 265-7374. South Central Iowa Landfill will also take the appliance for a fee – see the address listed above. You must either contact Waste Connections, or you may take the appliance yourself to the landfill.

    Metro Waste Authority

    Metro Waste Authority is a one stop drop off for your household hazardous waste located at 1105 Prairie Drive SW – Bondurant, IA 50035. PH – (515) 967-5512. A satellite facility exists at South Central Iowa Landfill.  You MUST contact them for an appointment prior to taking hazardous materials to that location. PH – (515) 462-3083.

    Info on CFL's

    Facts on CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamps)

    You can properly dispose of CFL bulbs at Van Meter City Hall. The city has partnered with Metro Waste Authority to help our community be more environmentally responsible. CFL's contain mercury which is considered a hazardous household material. This is a free service for citizens of Van Meter.