Bob Feller Museum

City Hall still displays certain artifacts and memorabilia from the Bob Feller Hometown Museum. The display is available for public viewing at Van Meter City Hall, 310 Mill Street, during normal business hours, Monday through Thursday, 8am to 5pm and Friday 8am to 1pm.

Please check with City Hall if planning to visit to ensure that City Hall is open.

The City of Van Meter purchased the building from the Bob Feller Museum in 2014 after the muesum’s board approved closing the museum. Much of the museum collection will be displayed at Progressive Field, the home of the Cleveland Indians. A few items are displayed on the USS Alabama, the battleship Feller served on in WWII, which is located in Mobile, Alabama.  

The Life of Bob Feller

Baseball legend.

War hero.

The hardest-throwing pitcher of all time.

Each of these terms has been used to describe Bob Feller.

Feller’s emergence as a baseball icon while still a teenager fascinated baseball fans young and old, and his accomplishments, both on and off the diamond, have withstood the test of time.

His service to his country in World War II, putting his career on hold in his prime while being the envy of baseball fans everywhere at the time, still astounds people today.

Bob Feller is a true legend.

And it all started right here in Van Meter.

Watch the documentary on Feller below to learn more about the life of this amazing man, and how Van Meter continues to honor his legacy.